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Fastest Healthiest Way to Lose Weight

At The end of the day, losing weight is an equation: calories in < calories xss=removed>

Seems simple right? Well not so much. Yes, this equation applies to weight loss, but QUALITY of the calories you take in plays a huge part!

For example:

A. Let’s say you ingest 2000 calories of cakes, chips, pizza, but you burn 2500 calories that day. You are working in a 500 caloric deficit for the day. Repeat that over a Month and let’s say you lose 10lbs.

B. Now, you ingest 2000 calories of Steak, Eggs, Bacon and fruit, but you burn 2500 calories a day. You are working in that same caloric deficit of 500. Repeat over a month and let’s say you lose 5 lbs.

Which do you think is a healthier weight loss?
Answer: B and here’s why……

In my opinion, the weight that was lost in scenario A was probably muscle and not fat. Although you’re working in a deficit, all weight lost isn’t necessarily good weight. Scenario B is the winner IMO because even though you only lost half the weight, the majority, if not all of that 5 lbs is fat and not muscle. Youre eating more wholesome and nutritious food which Is much more sustainable over a long period of time, unlike a processed food diet.
Eating 2000 calories of natural meats and eggs and fruit is WAY BETTER than 2000 calories of little Debbie’s Cakes and soda.
Having a higher quality of calories will help you feel way better, lower inflammation, and help gain muscle. And when we feel better, we do better.

I try not to put too much emphasis on the scale. Too many people use it as a gauge for their success and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Scale doesn’t tell you the type of weight you lost. It’s just a number that goes up and down. We must trust in the process and as long as we eat the way we should be and burn more calories than we take in, the number will go down. But, more importantly, we will feel better, our energy will go up, and it will add years to our life.
Don’t worry about fast, worry about consistent. Consistency will get us much farther than speed will.

-Stay Blessed

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