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What is the BARF Diet? – Carnivore for dogs?

The majority of dog owners would do or pay anything for their dogs. Im sure most owners would love for their dog to live forever, even though thats not possible…..YET. I know ever since I dog both my dogs I wanted nothing but the best for them. I remember wondering what the best kibble was and dreading how expensive it was going to be. I remember reading the ingredients and thinking all those fillers couldnt be good for them. There has to be a better way….as someone who was an advocate for the Carnivore Diet for myself, I wondered if there was a similar diet for dogs since I knew they wouldnt eat kibble if they werent domesticated. If all dogs are descendants of wolves, I thought to myself how does a wolf eat? They eat meat. Thats when my research led me to the BARF diet and what it is.  

Kibble is Bullshit…

In my quest to find the healthiest diet for my dogs to eat, I remember looking through different ingredient labels trying to compare which kibble had the least amount of bullshit in it. Even most of the high end kibbles had some type of filler in it. Its crazy how many labels will say “Real Beef” or “Real Lamb” only to be met with by-products and meals. And for over $80/bag i knew there had to be a cheaper and healthier option for my puppers. I compared many ingredient labels just to end up feeling like I was choosing the lesser of two evils. I never felt fully confident that I was giving my dogs the best nutrition I could. In the beginning I would do things to “enhance” their bowls of dog cereal with a cracked egg or some coconut oil in it to help with their joints and coats. Both of my dogs still had pretty dry skin and one wouldnt even want her food sometimes. I also learned that kibble is why most dogs eat other dogs shit. The dogs actually smell food in the dogs shit because their bodies dont use all the “nutrients” in the kibble. Kibble is the dog version of carbohydrates. Its not what they were made to eat. Dogs are obese just like most of their owners due to this mal nutrition.


THe BARF diet doesnt sound too appealing but I promise its not what it sounds like. BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods. I thought to myself how would my dogs eat if they were wild? They would hunt smaller game and maybe scavenge some road kill or some rotting fruits and vegetables. I used this same logic with myself when thinking about whats healthiest for me and what we ate as hunters in the beginning of our existence. I wanted for my dogs to eat as close to their ancestors as I could. Just like the crap they put in our food, I believe shitty dog food is the reason for the majority of health problems with dogs. Yes some are hereditary, but many of these ailments and illnesses can be prevented by a quality diet.  

What can I feed my dog?

Its not too complicated when figuring out what to feed your dog on the BARF diet. Essentially, dogs can eat any meat we can (beef, poultry, fish) nose to tail. I feed my dogs mostly ground beef or chicken leg quarters just because those are the most cost effective options in my area. Instead of feeding them organ meat for their micro nutrients, I just supplement for treats to make sure theyre getting what they need. I also crack a whole egg with the shell (good for calcium and cleans teeth) and put some type of vegetable or fruit. Pumpkin is one of my go tos due to its ability to help with an upset stomach due to the change from kibble to barf. 

How much can I feed my dog?

Theres a general rule of thumb when trying to calculate how much to feed your dog. If your dog need to gain weight, you can feed then 2.5-3% of their bodyweight (bodyweight x .025-.03). To maintain your dogs weight 2% of their bodyweight(bodyweight x .02), and to lose weight feed them 1-1.5% their bodyweight (bodyweight x .01-.015). Nash, my male dog is around 50 lbs and I want to maintain that weight so I feed him (50 x .02=1 lb of food per day). Luna, my female is about 35-40 lbs but needs to gain weight so I feed her (40 x .03= 1.2 lbs of food per day). Its pretty simple math and meant to be used as a guideline. 

What to expect…

Switching your dog to a BARF diet is one of the best decisions you will make as a pet owner. By eliminating kibble from their diet youll notice a huge difference in not only their coat, but their shits are wayyyyy smaller. The reason behind that is there isnt any fillers in a barf diet. Theirbody uses most of the nutrients in the diet so the only waste for them to get rid of is excess bone and whatever their body didnt need to use. Also, if you forget to pick up the shit itll go back into the earth. You wont step on a 2 week old surprise that forgot to be picked up. 

One thing I forgot to mention is the cost. You might think its more expensive than buying kibble but it doesnt have to be. For example, a decent kibble we’ll say is about $80+/bag. You can get a 10lb bag of chicken leg quarters (yes they can eat the bone. COOKED BONE is bad for dogs, but raw bone is permeable and good for their teeth) at WALMART for $8. That would last me 10 days for my dog NASH. So $24 for his meat for the month, plus about $3-4 for chicken gizards or livers, $15 for about 3 dozen eggs. This is a total of $48 for a month of feeding one of my dogs. Thats much cheaper and I know exactly what is going into my dogs body. So stop feeding everyones favorite family member a diet of soy and bullshit and nourish them the best way for them and for your wallet.

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