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How to be successful in 2023!

Its now 2023! Congrats! We made it. But thats enough celebrating, lets get down to business. 

New Years resolutions. Everyone has them (or says they do), but many of the resolutions seem to fizzle off after a month or two. Ive been there, so you arent the only one.  Why does it seem so hard to stick to what we promised ourselves? After all, we want to make a change or else we wouldnt have thought of it. So what can we do to make sure we stay aligned with our   new year resolutions?

Write it Down…

This doesnt only go for your goals, this is for everything. Write down everything about your day. This is a habit that I still struggle with but im making progress which is better than regression. Personally I never understood the importance of writing down my goals or even my thoughts, until I began to do it. When writing down my goals, it makes me think about the things i want to do, places I want to see, new experiences I want to have. We have tens of thousands of thoughts that go through our head everyday. Writing our thoughts helps us recognize which thoughts we have are positive and negative. 

My favorite benefit of writing my goals and thoughts down for me was that they become REAL. Before I wrote my goals down, I had a bunch of things I thought I wanted in my head. We all want to be successful and take care of our families but sometimes that seems out of reach due to our current circumstances. Im here to tell you its not. Writing down your goals make them real and attainable. It gives you a focal point. Writing down our goals allows us to stay on the path towards them. Writing our goals down isnt the only thing we must do…

We Must take Action

Writing down our goals is the first step to making them real. The second step is consistent action. For example, if we had a goal of running a marathon in 2023 only writing it down isnt going to prepare us to accomplish that goal. We must train for the marathon throughtout the year. We must do our due diligence. It all starts with one step, regardless what our goal is. Consistent action is what separates successful people and people who never truly live up to their expectation. 

“Dont be Unrealistic”

I hope the quotes helped my sarcasm come across….unrealistic isnt a real thing. Its a limitation that someone put on us at some point throughout our life because they couldnt see themselves accomplishing anything. Being unrealistic in your goal setting will only propel you farther than you thought imaginable. In this example ill be using money but this can be applied to anything, so heres how i got this explained to me: If our goal is to make $100,000/year, why not make our goal for $1,000,000/year? If we work to make $100k then we will make $100k. If we aim for $1million and fall short we will most likely have way more than the original $100k we were aiming for. Make sense? Same can be applied to any goal you have. Aim high. Be unrealistic until it isnt anymore. 

Love the Process

Another big reason we have trouble sticking with our new years resolutions is due to not loving the process. We get so caught up in the goal and where we want to be that we forget the process is what makes us better, not the goal. The goal is simply a focal point for us to aim for, but the true growth is in the process. We cant look at how far we have to go, but how far we’ve come. The days we wake up and dont want to do what is required for us to accomplish our goals are the days we grow the most. Maintaining discipline is what gives us the fuel to keep moving towards our goal. We must not only love the process but trust in it as well. We cannot truly love something we do not trust. 


Theres a little writing exercise that will benefit us that we will do. Write down your top 20 new years resolutions, or if you have more than 20 feel free to do 100 new year resolutions, but just write them down. Prioritize our most important resolutions to us and write what is needed for us to accomplish our goals. The only thing in the way of us and our goals is ourselves. 

Stay Blessed 

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